Goose and the Gingerbread Moons – ‘An appreciation’

These lovely comments about my Goose and the Gingerbread Moons project arrived in my inbox over the weekend. June is one of the ‘older generation’ of Ormskirk who’s wealth of local knowledge is very inspiring. Thank you June for taking the time to write these special words they are very much appreciated.

An appreciation by June Bibby

What a brilliant idea to think of utilising some of the empty

shops in Ormskirk to display the talents of local artists.

I am so pleased to see that our very own Local Artist,

 Angie Thompson, has been given the opportunity to use her

skills in the shop at 2 Derby Street.

What a magical, imaginative story she has written, which

has been beautifully illustrated with her stunning art work;  a

joyful spectacle in these drab winter days.

More please!


I am also very appreciative of the opportunity to have taken part in this project, and of all the hard work of the staff at Chapel Gallery /WLBC in organising the use of the empty shop units, and of the generosity of the shop owner. Utilising empty shop units for such things can only be a good thing and can have so many benefits for the community.



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