‘New shape! Gingerbread Moons’

I went away over the weekend so have had to wait to add the next instalment of the story and artwork.

Goose and the Gingerbread Moons

continued… part four

Now Goose, being the sort of child that was not altogether concerned with the world, obediently took the gingerbread package to Mystic Mews – its sweet, spicy warmth reminding him of a mother’s hug. The sweet spices teased his nostrils as he walked down the alley. As he pushed open the heavy door, forbidden gingery temptation taunted him.

Oh, dear reader, once hidden in the shadows, Goose, intoxicated by the delicious aroma, could resist no more.

In the silence of his secret cave, he undid the wrapping, the paper crackling as it unfolded. There before him were twelve perfectly round coppery coins, their sugar grains and spices glittering in the shadows.

Mesmerised, Goose held up a biscuit gently on his hand as if it were a delicate butterfly. He turned it this way and that. He breathed in the spellbinding scent, then took a small bite…

Crispness exploded and popped between his teeth; hot ginger danced on his tongue. A symphony of spice, caramel and chocolate soothed and warmed his stomach.

A shadow passed over the doorway and Goose shivered. Staring at the parcel on his lap, he saw not twelve perfectly round coppery coins, but twelve neatly-nibbled coppery crescents.

He hastily replaced the wrappings, and placed the package on the doorstep with a scribbled note.

‘New Shape! Gingerbread Moons!’

Every day, dear reader, until the moon was full, Goose took the package to the unseen customer in Mystic Mews. Every day, Goose nibbled and sculpted twelve coppery crescent moons.

His mother remarked upon his new ‘rosy cheeks’ and his ‘healthy dimples’.

Every day, dear reader, until the moon was full, the child secretly ate the forbidden gingerbread.

Final instalment tomorrow.

And I better think about this years advent-art posts…. hmmm.


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