A Fairy Tale Commission

I was very excited to accept a commission from my local art gallery, Chapel Gallery, to create an installation in one the vacant shops in our town centre.  So, for the past three weeks I’ve been totally immersed in my fairy tale world. The brief was to create a fairy tale with a local flavour and fill a shop window with as much eye grabbing impact as possible…… So I’ve written my own locally influenced story and made a set of giant illustrations. (each one measures 21cm x 84cm) The scale of the work and the short deadline left me no time to blog, except for a few posts on my Instagram and Facebook pages.

Today is installation day!!!!! So here is part one.  I’ll share more about my inspiration and  process over the next few days, and will take lots of photographs today as the project comes together in situ.

The location by the way is 2 Derby Street, Ormskirk, Lancashire. Opposite the Library and the Police Station.

Goose and The Gingerbread Moons

A Cautionary Fairy Tale by Angie Thompson

Once upon a time, there was a small town surrounded by ancient forests and fertile farmlands.



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