Wood Warbler

Number 27: As the Crow Flies – A 30 day drawing project. September 2015

Since drawing these birds I’ve become obsessed, constantly hoping to see, and recognise the lesser known speicies (to me) or birds that I’ve drawn when I go out and about. I’ve even started listening to recordings of bird song on the RSPB site in the hope that I might recognise a call or song, and be able to impress Abigail by my knowledge and saying with confidence ‘that’s a….. ‘ not that she’d be very interested or impressed. (By the way having birdsong twittering in the background whilst you work is very uplifting- try it, it’s a bit like baby laughter.)

So, yesterday afternoon, we went for one of those ‘I’ve-had-a-bad-day-at-school-wind-down’ walks. We took our usual 3 mile loop up hill out of town, over Lady’s Walk and down the hill home again. As we were heading along Lathom Lane, chattering about the days events and the current teenage scandals, I was distracted by a ‘warbling’ up in a tree, after standing for several minutes and  developing cricks in our necks, this elegant greenish yellow bird revealed itself.

Me; ‘wow!!! How exciting!!! I haven’t seen one of those before.’  A: What is it?’ Me; ‘ um…. some sort of bird….?’   Of course no amount of homework has equipped me with the super powers needed to identify the creature so we tried to memorise it from it’s nano-second appearance and after some research, (casual look on the RSPB website) I believe it was a Wood Warbler, though I did read they are so similar to the Chiff Chaff and the Willow Warbler that only an expert can tell them apart!

Not sure I’ve got what it takes to be an ornithologist.





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