September 24: As the Crow Flies – A 30 day drawing project. September 2015

This is the cutest teeny tiny bird and I love the description in Ladybird Book text by Brian Vesey-Fitzgerald F.L.S

…the smallest of British birds, and weighs only the same as an envelope and a half-sheet of note paper. if you were to put one into an ordinary match-box, there would be plenty of room all round, although its tail might protrude.

Imagine suggesting that in a book today!!! It’s certainly indicative of a different time and attitude, when egg collecting was healthy hobby for boys.  Also, I don’t think you see illustrations and descriptions of birds eggs and nests these days either.

I think some of the cuteness in my drawing was lost in scanning, it so hard to calibrate colours. The Golcrest has a very delicate greenish plumage and  a magnificent golden yellow crown which makes it look quite comical.


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