Corn Bunting

September 17: As the Crow Flies – A 30 day drawing project. September 2015

Yesterday I was up with the lark and out on the early bird train, no not looking for worms, but to travel across the rolling landscape to the heady heights of East Lancashire for a meeting about a possible illustration job, Yay!

When I arrived the sun was shining, but it was definitely chillier than when I left home in West Lancashire without my wooly pulley!! The ‘walk and talk’  meeting took us on a meandering route down village lanes and along overgrown footpaths awash with flora just beginning to show signs of autumn, a variety of birds and beasts, and spectacular views over Lancashire. A landscape once abundant with coal mines and textile mills. As we were coming to the end of our walk we passed close by a bush and disturbed a hundred or more, of what I thought were green finches, but may have been gold crests…? Which ever, it was a beautiful sight and sound to round off the walk.

As it turns out the fairly unremarkable town of Oswaldtwistle produced a considerable number of  ‘persons of great historical importance’… and a local group are creating a heritage trail in a bid to encourage the masses to take a day trip on the road to Oz (-waldtwistle). Which is where, hopefully, I come in to provide visual interpretations of this rich local heritage.

I guess my head was buzzing with all the facts, visual stimulation and fresh air because I just couldn’t get to sleep last night and  I was drawing yesterdays bird, the Corn Bunting at 3am this morning. (I did return to my bed before the dawn chorus though!) At 3 am I was quite taken with the photo I found of the corn bunting in full throttle, looking at the drawing today though it looks like an angry man with a  hooked nose and a goatee.



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