Song Thrush

September 13: As the Crow Flies – A 30 day drawing project. September 2015

Today I’m playing catch up with my little birds so I’ve just spent a relaxing couple of hours drawing day 12, 13 & 14.

As it was  , is my daughters 16th birthday today we spent the weekend celebrating, she had a house party on Saturday with her very lovely friends…. 15  year old girls are very screechy, (especially after one or two illicit beverages!) and on Sunday we had a more sedate dinner with grandparents…. Therefore no time to think about birds let alone draw any!

This is me with the photo-booth props and the party space…..our yard.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 15.22.26 Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 15.22.57


4 thoughts on “Song Thrush

    • Hi Sharon, I’m glad you’re enjoying a bit of bird spotting. As I hadn’t drawn for several months I decided to do a daily drawing project just for fun, pencil practice and the discipline… and I like birds! I was inspired by the 28 Drawings later challenge I did in February ( The Scrutiny of objects) and found it really motivating and therapeutic to draw something – anything everyday.

    • I’m glad you have taken on the task. I like how you are incorporating the text and drawing together. This collection will make a lovely book. Thanks for letting know what you are up to.

    • Ha ha, I’m probably breeching copyright laws left, right and centre, as I’m using the original text from a book I have, so I’d have to do something else with the overlays, if I develop it into print. The book is from the late 1960’s / early ’70’s and I love the language they used to describe the birds and their nests.


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