Pencil Portrait for Papa?

Fathers Day Sunday 21st June 2015 Stuck for a gift? Looking for something different? How about a pencil portrait of your daddy for Fathers Day? Just send me a fab photo and I’ll turn it into a unique pencil portrait. 10cm x 1ocm. Unframed. £50 + p&p Last orders by Friday 5th June For further details please use the contact form on the ‘About me’ page here!


4 thoughts on “Pencil Portrait for Papa?

    • Thanks Jacob! I just took a look at your blog, delightfully light hearted and entertaining! And great drawings too. Do you draw people from profile photos? I think I’m going to have to read through a bit to find out more about your Wheel of Time too!

    • Ah well, it’s nice to know you’re enjoying my place as much as I’m enjoying getting to know your own.

      Yes, all of my portraits so far have been drawn from photographs. Ha! The Wheel of Time was merely a product of me being extremely bored – it determines how long I have for my weekly timed challenges. It’s mega fun to spin! 😉


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