Top of the Woods

I started work today on a rather different commission. Way back in February I was invited to have a look at  some 18th century stone farm buildings and a Dutch Barn at Penrallt – Topofthewoods Eco campsite, with a view to creating a set of drawings to record the buildings before they are renovated and altered.

After a very long drive we had a delightful Friday evening chatting, eating and playing Carcasone, with the generous, brave and lovely Soo and Jon.  On Saturday I had a very thorough guided tour around the farm, surrounding woodland and hidden waterfalls, learning about the mysterious murder at the ruined hunters cottage and meeting all the iconic trees – including Owen the Oak, I spent a very relaxing day sketching and taking photographs. I’ve been really keen to get this project going as drawing buildings is a relatively unexplored area for me.

I think I managed to capture enough of the essence of the place in my photo’s and sketches and as it’s a 10 hour round trip to this beautiful part of Wales I can’t really nip back!



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