Wildlife and Wetland Interpretation Illustration

As I mentioned in my previous post the commission from the Urban Park Ranger is near completion… hurrah! I’ve really enjoyed getting back to this type of illustration, it reminds me of  some fantastic educational projects I did some years ago for Pearson Publishing. Though I am once again left with the dilema of what an illustrator does with dozens of pieces of artwork… I’m running out of storage space!  It’s also been a great experience being in control of the whole project, including design, and a huge opportunity to improve my Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator skills.  I’m really pleased with the way it looks and how everything hangs together and I received some feedback that the West Lancashire BC Leisure Manager was ‘impressed’!) Just waiting for body text and some official logos, and it’ll be ready for the print deadline in  8 days. Here are a few snapshots from each board, I will post the finished work after it has been installed in the park! I’ll now be giving my attention to some three dimensional birds this weekend.



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