Carnival Contraption Project

I’ve been holding off talking about this project for months! It’s a bit of a departure from drawing and a return to a former life in 3d design and craft and it is rather exciting!

I’m working with my husband Jim on this project, which is the first time we’ve really done anything of a (semi) professional nature together which is really quite fun. We’re in the process of making two large interactive contraptions for an intriguing event in May, which is surrounded by  a certain level of mystery but you can find out about it here.

So the project, Jim is pretty handy with a chop saw and router so he’s building two, 2 meter tall towers, I developed the design and I’m making the two melancholy bird-like characters for the top, and will most likely be painting and finishing the towers.

Meet Enid and Hepsee (short for Hephsibah). I’ve a feeling their story is something of a tragedy as they are trapped for all eternity within the contraption, animated only by human intervention…




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