Illustration Commissions and…

… The curse of the self-employed artist! For the past four weeks I’ve been working full time on a huge and really exciting project! I was commissioned by Jess, our lovely Urban Park Ranger (that’s such a cool job title),  to produce a couple of interpretation boards for two areas of the local park – a wildlife meadow and a wetland area. Apart from illustrating specific plant and animal species the brief was quite open allowing me the freedom to be myself and develop my own ideas. I’ve now completed all 40 individual drawings,  and I’m happy to say, with the delivery deadline looming,  I’m now assembling everything digitally as I’m also doing the layout and graphics! And the great news is, [this is the curse bit, there’s no sign of work for months then lots of jobs drop on the doormat, just as you commit to workshops and unpaid projects! ] I have three more exciting illustration jobs lined up after this one … and in between times I’m working on a 3D build project for a carnival! (posts later).


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