Scrutiny of Objects Day Twenty Five to Twenty Eight

Well March 1st and I’ve reached the end of the February Drawing challenge. For the past 28 days I have been waking up early thinking about inanimate objects, wondering what I’ll choose to draw today, when I’ll be able to fit the drawing into the days other necessary things-to-do.

I did a drawing a day, have produced a surprising body of work, have had some astonishing and unexpected feedback and comments, and connected with so many wonderful and accomplished artists.

If you find the winter months difficult I can highly recommend doing something creative and sharing it (the sharing is the important bit) with others to lift your spirits and feel good about yourself.

The dedicated 28 Drawings Later team have organised an exhibition of work by participants.

Details here – 28  Drawings Later 2015 Exhibition

I’ll be continuing to draw everyday through March as I’ve been lucky and I have a couple of exciting illustration commissions. Drawing and being paid to do it!

…..hmmm, its 8.30 on Sunday I wonder when the charm of  28 Drawings Later: February Drawing Challenge will wear off…

Here’s the final three days drawings.


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