Scrutiny of Objects Day Three: ‘Opener’

I posted this drawing earlier today on the 28 Drawings Later Facebook page, and I’ve been quite overwhelmed by the positive comments from other artists who are taking part in the challenge. (some of them are real proper artists! :-). What I like most about this group is they don’t just ‘like’, they make constructive comments and treat everyone the same no matter what, as long as everyone is drawing! It’s really motivating!

The object under scrutiny today was a rusty old Boocock’s bottle opener. (Which I have just found out is ginger beer ) I mixed the media more than usual in this one. The usual splash of watercolour as a ground, mostly the delightful Tombow HB pencil, with pumpkin orange and burnt umber Karisma Colour pencil crayon. I have always been cursed with shiny graphite making photographing drawings problematic. Today I found that a layer of burnt umber Karisma Colour over the pencil not only gives a nice inky black it eliminates the shine!!!! Shame they no longer make Karisma Colour pencils….



One thought on “Scrutiny of Objects Day Three: ‘Opener’


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