Alphabetical Archival Advent Calendar – Fairy

Fairy – Drawing & Photomontage. 2002 

When my daughters were small they loved dressing up… as children do. On this occasion I took dozens of photographs as they played, intending to use one to create an illustration for the 2002 family christmas card – which I didn’t do in the end, can’t remember what I did do that year.

This was one of series of  10 drawings I ended up doing for a personal project in my final year of an illustration course. Besides being a platform for teaching myself how to use Photoshop, the project was one of those moments of self realisation – I could draw people, I liked drawing cute children, (since I had two who were a handy resource!) AND I didn’t have to conform to the personal tastes of the course tutors… I liked cute kids and I was interested in children’s illustration. So this project marks the point where I found confidence and direction in my work. Maybe I’ll search through that pile of discs and post the whole set…just the drawings without the dodgy photoshop bits.


…oh dear… Decemeber 5th, best start planning for this years consumer fest… I mean Christmas! ;0)




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