Smudging and secret waterfalls

I now have a horizon and a bird portal to a moody sky with crepuscular rays marked out!



Smudge – I like words which are both nouns and verbs. – To lay out the cloud formations I use scraps of kitchen roll and grubby old blending sticks to smudge graphite shavings from my pencil sharpening tin, it’s liberating very much like painting. I’ll work up the tones and textures later with pencil and rubbers.  I also discovered that ‘Smudging’ is an ancient Native American art of purifying ones house with the smoke of sacred herbs…. well there you go?

The reference photo I used for the wooded area in the top left was taken whilst we were on holiday this summer. We camped in our favourite area of Wales on the Pembrokeshire boarder the owners of the site gave us a little hand drawn map of a walk through their woodland, which took us to a secret waterfall. Check out Soo and Jon’s Facebook page here and see for yourself how beautiful it is, and get a glimpse of their wonderful life adventure.

Not much chance for drawing today, I will be mostly putting together a project proposal,  then cooking a family tea to celebrate Abigail’s 15th birthday last weekend and Hannah going off to university next weekend!


2 thoughts on “Smudging and secret waterfalls

    • Hi isabella. Welcome to my world! Thanks for the hugs and kisses! I’m wishing I could either walk to the beautiful waterfall or get on with my drawing right now! I’m not getting very far with this proposal! I love the title of your blog by the way, and I am very impressed by your creative energy. I shall look in regularly to see what you’re up to. Angiex


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