Wrinkles, crinkles, slumps and lumps!

When I looked in on my drawing this morning it was so wrinkled I thought I would have to bin it!

Unfortunately our old, turn-of-the-last century, house in the North West of England suffers with damp, this, with the changing season,- really sunny and hot in the day and quite chilly at night (no rain though),  has affected my drawing paper quite radically!

So, with my heart in my mouth and scalpel in hand- I approached the problem with a kill or cure attitude.  I carefully slit the tape to get it of the drawing board, (stabbing the board a few times, incase it fancied another wrestling match) then carefully removed the tape from the edge, then I sprayed the back of the drawing smoothed it out and re taped it, without any damage to the drawing…. miraculously! It’s looking pretty tight and flat now, so lets see how things go.

Moral of this tale:

ALWAYS wet the big sheet of paper and stretch the big sheet of paper, whatever you are going to do on the big sheet of paper… especially if it’s off a roll.

The image shows some of the progress from the weekend.

Happy Monday everyone!


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