…la, la-la, a lark and a dove, but most of all…

… let there be birds!!

19 birds drawn out. From the top clock wise we have, Blue tit, kite, pigeon, crow, blackbird, yellow wagtail, dove, dove, bull finch,goldfinch, great tit,magpie, siskin, barn owl,bottom right -thrush, lark, bottom left – 2 wrens, nightingale.

( I would like to point out I have completely ignored nature and the birds are not to scale relative to each other)

I mentioned previously I was experiencing  new challenges working at a much larger scale than I’m used to… not to mention drawing board wrestling, I’ve noticed that when standing to draw whilst listening to the radio I can’t help dancing… and after I spent a whole afternoon stretching out my paper I have suffered slumping!



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