Portrait of a teenager – revisited

I’ve been working on this drawing on and off  for a while now. It started out as an exercise in a bid to offer encouragement to my daughter, who was struggling with her school homework task. I really liked how I had managed to capture her character in the drawing so I kept being drawn back to it, working from the photo image and tweaking details from life. I had intended to leave the hair unfinished as I liked the quality of stillness and ‘otherness’ at that stage …. The photo reference I used was taken when Abigail had just dyed her hair raspberry pink so everyone said I had to add the pink hair! And as I love drawing hair I held my breath and went for it.

This was a good opportunity to explore coloured pencils in a very controlled way and to also experiment with other ways of blending and creating fine lines. I used, HB & 4H pencils, just 4 colours of Derwent Inktense pencils, blending and stranding with a scalpel tip and a paper stump.

I’m quite pleased with the results and the contemplative expression contrasted with the wild pink hair sums Abigail up perfectly.



3 thoughts on “Portrait of a teenager – revisited

    • I always take photo’s at different stages, just incase I ruin the piece!!!! I’m so glad I went with the pink hair. She’ll have to dye it again this summer!


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