Hannah, a lifetime in drawings…so far!

May 2nd  2014 is the eighteenth birthday of my daughter Hannah. Back in September I posted a compilation of illustrations and portraits of Abigail, which I’d put together for her birthday card. So obviously I’ve done the same for Hannah.

Hannah’s archive starts when she was about 4 years old, I didn’t start drawing people until then. When she was 7-ish, I got a commission to  illustrate a children’s book series, and she just happened to fit the description of the main character. This character had the ability to fly, summon fire and become invisible, whilst saving wounded animals and solving mysteries of nature with her friends, (which were her best school friends at the time). We had great fun working out ways to set up poses that I could use a references for dramatic scenes where she was falling from the sky or busting into flames!!! Consequently I have about 300 sketches and illustrations which she modelled for.

In 2009  I won the West Lancs Open Peoples Prize with a large drawing of her.

hannah portrait 2 copy

Time for a new one before she leaves for university. Happy Birthday Hannah!


7 thoughts on “Hannah, a lifetime in drawings…so far!

  1. these are such amazing illustrations angie you really have a way of capturing the human form and add personality and character into your pieces they just come to life 🙂 I’m sure your daughter will love these x kate

    • Thanks Kate, she opened her card this morning and I think she was pleased, though we were reminiscing about, some of the tangled poses I made her do, and there are one or two peculiar illustrations she posed for that I will post when I find them!

    • awww thats so lovely 😀 its not only great you got to do the pieces of her but made memories at the same time . Aww I look forward to seeing them once they’re up on your blog 😀 ! kate x


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