Painting, portraits, projects, proposals & possibilities

Some may have noted my absence after the daily drawing and frequent postings through January and February, (or maybe not).

March has been the most frustrating month in terms of finding the time and space to draw and paint. I may, or may not have mentioned before that I do a bit of freelance art teaching. I’ve lost quite a few contacts for one reason and another over the past few years and have had to do a bit of leg work. So,the whole month of march has been devoured by  networking – making new contacts for education & community workshops, writing project proposals (five irons in the fire, hats in the ring, fingers in the pie!), applying for residency posts etc… followed by two mornings filing the end of year accounts…. aaargh I just want to paint! It’s hard not to see this sort of activity as a big, fat, waste of time!!!!

Don’t get me wrong, I love the creative process involved in developing ideas for new projects, enthusing others and sourcing and costing materials (and getting stuff for free!) But I don’t think people, as in clients, realise how much time and work actually goes in to this stage, FOT FREE! and if they don’t go ahead then I don’t earn!

So now I’m at the early stages of some very exciting projects, two very, very, very, exciting projects,  fingers crossed that they all get their funding and I’ll be a busy bunny for the next six months.

Meanwhile, all that done. I reacquainted myself with my back room studio and my paintbrushes this afternoon and I’m not coming out till the end of April!

One of my project proposals involves site specific portraiture, so I’ve been practicing using acrylics instead of watercolour. Phew it’s difficult!! I’ve only ever painted with acrylic twice before,  the  image at the top of this post being one of the paintings I did  a very long time ago, those beautiful children are now 15 and 18!

I’m making it up as I go along, so if anyone would care to offer any expert advice. Please do!

Digitising them is a great way to see all the flaws!!!!!!

ECProg SSprog

work in progress

work in progress



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