‘I’ Said the Rook… revisited

The first fella, was drawn in 2006 and I really didn’t love him so he’s been sent off to the back of the plan chest where unloved and orphaned artwork resides for all eternity .

I recorded each stage of my process to share here. You can see how each layer develops and builds up from a carefully drafted line drawing to the final richly textured and layered surface.  I’ve really enjoyed revisiting Rook and he will definitely not be sent to the orphan draw, he is the parson!

I use a range of drawing tools to get the different textural and tonal effects. On the desk today are Derwent Graphic pencils, 4H, F, HB, 8B & 9B,  a 4B Progresso Koh-i-nor, smudge sticks, (you know, the rolled paper kind), twisted kitchen paper, putty rubbers, stumpy old brushes and my trusty old empty biro for the scratching and impressing. I used Windsor & Newton Artists watercolour tubes – unavoidable colours are  sap green, cobalt, peynes grey, and the rooks undercoat is a special edition Windsor & Newton Artists Smalt (?) Dumonts Blue, I got as a freebie once!

Here’s the old rook, judge for yourselves.



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