Game Design and Illustration

My husband teaches Games Design at a North West UK, University. Just before Christmas he set this brief as a first year project to be completed over the Christmas vacation. He also posted it on his Facebook page challenging his gaming and creative friends to have a go. I accepted the challenge and this is my Game!

Though I did it purely for fun the process was very interesting and quite challenging.  After several hatchet jobs on the storytelling, a futile flirtation with photoshop to make the illustrations and several revisions when we tested the game mechanics with bits of paper and buttons, this is my first game! You can download the PDF below.  Simply  print, mount on card. Cut out and play. I’d really appreciate any feedback on how you got on with it.

The idea of the Ladybird invasion came from coming across the UK Woodland Trust’s Ladybird Survey and reading about the plight of our indigenous species of being invaded by the Harlequin. I began thinking of it as a big illustrated adventure story and then went with the game.

Click Here to Download my Harlequin Invasion Game



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