‘Miss Bettsy’ – Winter

This week I’m working on a refreshing  illustration project – I’ve been commissioned by ‘Miss Bettsy’ to produce artwork for a personal website header. It’s really nice to return to a style that reflects my interest in children’s picture  books and play around with watercolour.

‘Miss Bettsy’ is  a very lovely and appreciative person, she likes everything and gets very giddy about everything! I’m sure she wont mind me saying, I have to be careful what I suggest and what I show her!!! A dream client and a pleasure to work with. Initially she asked me to produce one illustration, which  I did, then she got excited, changed her mind and has commissioned four more, so that she can change her header image with the seasons. I’m looking forward to developing ideas for the other three seasons!

If there are any Photoshop heroes out there I wouldn’t mind a few tips on correcting the levels so the edges of the paper blend to white. The final artwork will be displayed as a vignette against a white background. Happy days!



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