About christmas cards & Moo.com

Last week I posted about my christmas card design. When I came back from a job interview on Tuesday evening a lovely package from Moo was waiting for me, several days earlier than their delivery date.

My Moo cards looked fantastic, I was chuffed with the colour and card quality, I was over the moo-n …

but disappointingly  only half the delivery was mine and the other half was someone else’s, very nice, christmas cards!

I emailed Moo’s customer service at 8.30pm on Tuesday, they emailed me back at 12.45am the cards were reprinted and posted and arrived today at 3pm!!

So a big loved up thank you to Moo, they are brilliant and I can’t recommend them highly enough.

p.s. I didn’t get the job, though I enjoyed the interview process and met some lovely people.


3 thoughts on “About christmas cards & Moo.com

    • Thanks Cletocriste. I had some business cards printed with Moo and I messed up the colours so this time I was really careful and they turned out well.
      Always important to change to CMYK for print!! Gald you like them.


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