Christmas Present and Christmas Past

Christmas Card Illustrations

Over the years I’ve usually illustrated our family C*******s card and dutifully spent hours cutting, gluing and hand folding dozens and dozens of them.  However, I have been a bit lazy for the last few years and just not got around to it, mainly because I find as I get older I get more and more irrationally  Ebenezer Scrooge about C*******s being shoved in my face from October the first and can’t mention the ‘c’ word until the end of November … deep breath… So for those friends and family who’ve collected them over the years, and been disappointed with me since 2009 … TA DA…. this year I’ve done one and sent it off to to print it all nice and glossy and fold them for me. You still can’t mention the ‘c’ word till December 1st though. ;0)

Above is a detail of ‘A Partridge in A Pear Tree’,  which is in the style of my Cock Robin project and has inspired another bird themed project. I think I’ll illustrate a verse a month of the Twelve Days of C*******s for the whole of 2014.

Here’s a collection of some old ones:

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