Portrait of a teenager – Technical Exercise

The dreaded Grid Method

On Sunday afternoon my youngest daughter, Abigail and I set ourselves up to tackle her homework task. To offer her encouragement I decided to do the task too.  As an artist I have never used the grid method to scale up a photograph and I’ve never used it to teach either…

We both chose photo’s of Abigail to work from, which coincidentally were in profile and scaled them 150%. The gridding up was a bit tedious, but she now knows how to use a set square accurately.  Starting off was slow. At various points we both got frustrated, Abigail said she didn’t like it as she felt her drawing was trapped – exactly how I felt. I had to keep tight control of my scribbly lines and be very disciplined. It’s interesting that you could start anywhere and work up a detailed area such as the ear, then move to another part of the grid and the whole thing eventually links up, almost like building a pattern. But as with every transfer technique it’s what you do with it and how you develop the drawing  that counts.

I found it a really useful exercise. It was good practice and produced good results. It’s good to get out of your zone and do something differently.

This is Abigail’s drawing, pretty good I think.

Scan 1


2 thoughts on “Portrait of a teenager – Technical Exercise

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