I said the Thrush

Detail from finished illustration.

I am so pleased that I picked this project up again. I really enjoyed working on this verse. The foliage took quite some time to complete and there is much more detail in it than the previous ones.  I’m on a roll now, I started another one yesterday, which is actually the verse before this one where the wrens make their debut.

As it’s a very grey and drizzly  day here in the North West UK, I’ll be spending the day indoors at the drawing board. Yay!

In the story the wrens carry the pall for Cock Robin’s coffin, after working out what a pall was I decided it was going to be a spiders web fro the purpose of my drawing, so I have a great challenge ahead to create a very finely detailed line drawing and keep it white to get the contrast against a stormy sky.

I use a variety of drawing tools to achieve the effects I want and one of my favourite and most useful is an empty biro. I called this a magic pen once in a school workshop and the name stuck. I use a magic pen after I’ve made a line drawing in pencil, to scratch, scribble and score into my drawing to add texture and maintain highlights. Pop over here where I shared the secret of the magic pen. You can also check out a project I was involved in earlier this year.



3 thoughts on “I said the Thrush

  1. Great textures and feel. I imagine it must be quite difficult to make a dark, foreboding image of something as cute as a thrush :-), but you made it!

    • Thank you oolung. I appreciate your comment. It is tricky not be seduced by the cutsie creatures in this poem. I’ve drawn (pardon the pun) inspiration from the dark textural woodcuts and etchings used to produce victorian children’s illustrations, which I think are quite sinister.


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