Thrush and Wren

Who’ll sing a psalm? ‘I’ said the thrush, as she sat in a bush….

After badly loosing my way with Noah and his animal friends I was persuaded to put him away for now and to return to another long term project by my number one critic and champion of  this particular project, the hubster Jim.

I had blogged all the images on my old Posterous site but they didn’t come to word press with me. Though I did post two of the images when I entered them for this years Derwent Drawing Prize. So here’s the very short back story.

The Death & Burial of Poor Cock Robin is an english nursery rhyme c.1700’s possibly older, thought’s on its origin and meaning vary – you can draw your own conclusions. I chose to depict scenes with the various birds  in the 15 verses using a mixed media drawing style inspired by the engravings from a version illustrated by Henry Louis Stephens 1865.

I started in 2006 and have added to it intermittently since then. So far I have 12 of the 15 verses. I’ve generally worked chronologically through the verses and it’s interesting how my style has changed over time. I’ve a big idea for the final verse which involves, moody skys, dark clouds and god rays.

Line drawing:






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