Seven was Hippo…

My instinct is usually to start something at the beginning and move through the middle bit towards the end. With this method, I often find that a. the beginning is more polished than the end or b. I run out of good ideas for the last bit, or c. I forget what the aim was! When I was teaching,  I had to write end of year reports one year I had a class of seventy two reports to write! So to relieve the boredom I developed several plans of attack,  which included, alternating one from the beginning with one from the end and working towards the middle or the random pick…

This morning, to avoid getting stuck in a rut, I asked my daughter, Abigail to pick a number from 1 to 10 she chose seven, and today I have been trying very hard to get a handle on Hippo. Hippo belly flops into the boat around page 16 giving some cause for concern. I’ve got some roughs to work with but it’s so hard not to Disneyfy a big, voluptuous hippopotamus!!!!

This is a ‘didn’t get around to finishing it’ portrait I made of my daughters when they were small. Abigail is on the right, she’s 14 this weekend!!

strawberry v simpsons72



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