Two was crow…

Now that the new school term has started and everyone is safely dispatched to their respective education establishments during the day, I am free to return to my drawing board uninterrupted, yippee!  Oh yes, and currently I have no offers of workshops or part time work….

One was Noah [working title]

Having had few opportunities to work on my Noah story, this summer, what, with having two holidays abroad last month!, Noah has been waiting patiently for me to finalise his text and visualise the characters that join him in his rainy day game.

Over the last few days I finally sorted out some of the rhyming couplets that I was struggling with, (I’m not going to share the text at this point as I hope to pitch my project to a publisher as soon as it’s ready). And I am also getting to grips with the storyboard thumbs.

Two was Crow… Today I’ve been getting to know Crow, who will appear more than 13 times throughout the story so I need lots of different poses and angles!!! You can see Noah in my previous post along with a few clues about the story.

I want all the animals to be a quite cheeky and lots of fun, but not to be to cartoony. As the story builds they all end up laughing… a lot! So I need to visualise what each one would look like smirking, giggling or laughing their socks off! (Except one who doesn’t enjoy the ride very much at all.)



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