Derwent Drawing Prize

I’ve taken a big step and submitted two works for the Derwent Drawing Prize.Fingers crossed I make it to the second stage!!!


The online Gallery opens on 16th July where you can vote for the peoples prize. (Shameless ploy, Please take a look and maybe…vote !)

No10.Isaidthekite100dpi No2Isaidthefly100dpi


The artworks are part of an ongoing project. I started illustrating the 14 verses of The Death and Burial of Poor Cock Robin in 2006 [!] and every now and then I’m inspired to do another verse or redraw an earlier one as my style has changed so much, I’m up to verse 10, ‘I’ said the kite…  who knows when I’ll finish it!



2 thoughts on “Derwent Drawing Prize

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